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  • A Welcoming place that engages each student.

    Established internationally for over 15 years in the area of multimedia education...

    COMPU – IQ is Southern Africa’s sole supplier of the suite of revolutionary software as shown below, a unique program utilising Free Format…

  • The COMPU -IQ software range provides excellent remediation tuition and extensions to help improve students of all ages who have reading, perceptual or language difficulties, as well as providing exercises for students who want to improve their academic results and broaden their understanding of the subject to ensure receiving the best results possible, in the classroom or at home. Our software is successfully being used in schools throughout South Africa and our neighbouring countries.

    The programs are an excellent teaching aid that has tremendous benefits to the home schooled student or to students who wish to be able to do extra beneficial work or consolidate their mathematical, perceptual, language, literacy and mathematical skills.

  • COMPU – IQ’s Educational Software

    What do some of our many clients have to say...

    We have used this product for the last five years. The children enjoy working on the program.

    We enjoy it’s:

    • Colour
    • Ease of use
    • The running score, so the teacher can see at a glance who is struggling and give that individual the attention he/she needs;
    • The backup service is definitely customer orientated;
    • Staff from The Maths Story & Compu-IQ are people’s people and are very friendly and helpful;
    • The versatility of the program is wonderful.

    I have used this program for Saturday enrichment and remedial classes with great successes.

    — Cornwall Hill College

    If children are able to work on the same maths package for five years and still find the programs lessons exciting, then this package must be excellent. This is our experience with the Maths Story at Rivonia Primary School. It is not the only computer program that we have, but it is the most popular by far.

    We feel the strength of Maths Story Program lies in the graphical nature in that most of the practical equipment normally required is so well depicted and represented that it almost adds an essential step to the process of moving from the concrete to the abstract.

    As the computer teacher, I like Maths Story because it is simple to install and maintain. It is neatly programmed thus requiring minimal disk space. The administrative system is simple to operate and flexible enough to extract exactly what you are looking for. Within the program you are able to structure the numerous options to best suit your computer centre set-up and teacher’s needs.

    Very few programs can offer this type of flexibility and alternative methods.

    — Rivonia Primary School