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  • 1. Tests and Evaluations

    Unique to this program

    Teach Maths will test and evaluate the students’ understanding of mathematics for their specific year level. The system is flexible and allows for the selection of test parameters, subject topics and pass rates.

    EDUSS/XI Teach Maths will accurately identify which areas of mathematics are understood and more importantly, in which areas skills need to be improved.

  • 2. Shows Problem Areas

    Any specific problem areas are pinpointed, and can be addressed immediately. Topic areas requiring a little more work are also identified.

    This benefits the students by automatically targeting and teaching problem areas.

  • 3. Sets Learning Schedule

    Unique to this program

    EDUSS/XI Teach Maths will automatically compile a personal learning schedule for each child/student, addressing the problem areas highlighted by the automated evaluation test.

    This benefits your students by setting a step-by-step schedule for them to follow. This also benefits you by giving a step-by-step report on how each of your students is progressing individually.

  • 4. Step-by-Step Teaching

    Unique to this program

    Using a combination of visual and audio aids and fully interactive exercises, EDUSS/XI Teach Maths will take each student, step-by-step through their earning schedule, until they attain the level of competency you think appropriate.

    EDUSS/XI Teach Math will also introduce your students to new concepts as they progress through the system.

  • 5. Interactive Exercises

    The program provides fully interactive audio and visual exercises until the pass level is reached. This facility can also be used for the introduction of new concepts.

  • 6. Summary Parent/Teachers Reports

    EDUSS/XI Teach Maths produces a fully summarised evaluation report, categorised by score or module, from weak to strong areas. Reports can be viewed on screen or printed as required.

    These detailed summary reports keep parents/teachers up to date on their child/students’ progress.

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