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Coded Phonics History
    • A phonetic language is one where one letter is represented by one sound and one sound is spelled by one letter.
    • That is why English is NOT a phonetic language.
    • In order to spell these 42 sounds with a 26-letter alphabet, many individual letters represent more than one sound.
  • Phonetic Vowels

    • The following group of words illustrates the point that one letter often represents more than one sound. The letter “a” can have the following nine vowel sounds in English:
    • In addition, one sound can often be spelled in different ways e.g. the vowel sound “ay” (long vowel sound of “a”) can be spelled as:
  • Phonetic Consonants

    • The consonants of English are more phonetic than the vowels. However, there are some consonants that have more than one sound e.g.
    • Consonants also, but to a lesser degree, form letter groups that represent more than one sound. For example “ch” in chance, chaos, chef and choir has four different sounds.
  • EDUSS Phonic code

    • The EDUSS Coded system simplifies English, making it into a phonetic language by using a special colour-coding system, which accelerates the learning process.
    • Vowels are coded red and given a unique numerical superscript that identifies their sound.
    • Consonants are coded blue and given a blue phonetic letter superscript when they are not phonetic.
    • Silent letters are coded grey as in judge.
  • Stage 1 13 Lessons;

    • Introduces the student to 10 commonly used vowel sounds (the short and long sounds of each of “a”, “e”, “i”, “o”, “u”);
    • Introduces the student to the 2 vowel sounds of “y” e.g. cry and baby;
    • Introduces the student to 22 consonant sounds.


    Another 13 Lessons;

    • Introduces the student to another 13 vowel sounds and their most common spellings;
    • Introduces the student to six more consonant sounds and some common special sounds of English;
    • Introduces the student to the consonant digraphs;
    • Introduces the student to the consonant blends.
    • Voiced consonant sounds
    • Unvoiced consonant sounds
    • Nasal consonant sounds
    • Hard and soft consonant sounds
    • Consonant digraphs
    • Consonant blends
    • Silent consonants
    • Paired voiced and unvoiced consonants


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