EDUSS English

Beyond Adaptive Learning
  • 1. Tests and Evaluation

    EDUSS will test and evaluate the child’s understanding of English for their specific year level.

    The system is flexible and allows for the selection of test parameters, subject topics and pass rates.

    EDUSS will accurately identify the areas of English understood and more importantly, what is not understood pinpointing problem areas.

  • 2. Shows Problem Areas

    Any specific problem areas are pin-pointed, and can be addressed immediately.
    Topic areas requiring a little more work are also identified.
    It benefits your child by targeting and teaching problem areas.

  • 3. Sets Learning Schedule

    EDUSS will compile a personal learning schedule for your child, addressing the problem areas highlighted by the automated evaluation test. This benefits your child by setting a step-by-step schedule for them to follow. This also benefits you by giving a step-by-step report on how each of your children is progressing individually.

  • 4. Step-by-Step Teaching

    Using a combination of visual and audio aids and fully interactive exercises, EDUSS will take your child step-by-step through their learning schedule, until they attain the level of competency you desire. EDUSS will also introduce your child to new concepts as they are taken through the system.

  • 5. Interactive Exercises

    This function gives the student fully interactive audio and visual exercises until the pass level is reached as well as allowing the introduction of new concepts.

  • 6. Summary Parent Reports

    EDUSS produces a full, summarized evaluation report, categorised by score or module, from weakest to strongest areas. Reports can be viewed on screen or printed as required. Detailed summary reports are available for mum and dad.

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