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  • Technology allows a student to complete 40, 50 or more exercises in a lesson of 40 minutes… in normal classroom conditions the student may only be able to complete 10 or so exercises, with the slower and faster students adapting to the average pace of the class.

    All students start at the beginning of a concept being taught and can work through the lessons, exercises and tests at their own pace. Should the student be able to fully grasp the concepts he/she has the option to progress to a higher level so that the information will be familiar when it becomes part of the school curriculum.

    The average student may go through the concept three times, i.e.; 3 sets of ten randomly generated exercises, before he or she has reached a thorough understanding of the work. For the slower student it may be necessary to go through the exercise seven or eight times, i.e.; 7 or 8 sets of ten randomly generated exercises before the lessons are assimilated. The slower student works well in a non-threatening situation and can cover the work as many times as necessary. At the end of the lesson EVERY student should have mastered the concept.


    The Maths Story / Woel met Wiskunde

    Gr 0-2

    • Creates a world filled with colour and animation to stimulate children.

    Gr 3-7

    • Teaches with real problems – supported by stories, applications and games.
    • Automatically presents revision or extensions.
    • Makes provision for problem solving. With a wrong answer the computer will go through students own method.

    Gr 8 – 12

    • Free format algebra! READ MORE BELOW….Unique to this program
    • Any mathematically correct solution.
    • Reporting system.
    • Wizards that make difficult sections fun.
    • Animation and graphics which make difficult concepts easy.
    • Pop-up scientific calculator.
    • Complete score system.


    EDUSS Mathematics / XI Teach maths

    • EDUSS will assess and evaluate the students’ understanding of mathematics. This is unique to this program.
    • The system is flexible and allows for the selection of test parameters, subject topics and pass rates. This is unique to this program.
    • EDUSS will accurately identify problem areas for remedial purposes.
    • Homework facility available for home students. This is unique to this program.


    Free Format feature:

    The Computer Tutor uses Free Format Mathematics.

    • Free format mathematics is unique as it allows a student to solve a problem anyway he or she chooses. The program marks the student’s progress line by line providing coaching, remediation and extensions whenever necessary.
    • The program does not choose questions from a database containing pre-set equations/questions; it generates questions according to your abilities. This means that there is an unlimited number of questions available. The questions are not in a database, but it is the machines algorithms that generate the questions, thus preventing questions from being repeatedly asked.


    Advantages of free format

    • Students will always be challenged and encouraged to improve their results
    • Students will not become bored with the questions
    • It prevents students studying concepts in parrot fashion thus ensuring that they understand the concept.
Woel met Afrikaans or …EDUSS Maths
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