An English Story or ...

Woel met Afrikaans
  • The English story is an English literacy program with 9 levels of difficulty.

  • There are 5 main exercises to improve your

    1. Reading speed
    2. Comprehension
    3. Grammar
    4. Spelling and
    5. Vocabulary
  • 1. Reading Unique to this program

    Four reading modes are designed to assist you in improving your reading speed. During the four reading modes contextual questions are asked and multimedia support is given (listen to story been read):

    • Reading at own speed and learning the meaning of the words
    • Line reading highlights one line at a time at different reading speeds, teaching control of reading speed.
    • Line scanning is used to improve reading speed by teaching you how to read whilst scanning down the centre of a column.
    • Mark reading assists with left and right eye movement.
  • 2. Comprehension

    • Free format answers – you can write your own answer thereby promoting vocabulary, spelling, grammar and sentence structure.
    • Interactive responses
    • 45 000 word dictionary
  • 3. Grammar, Spelling and Vocabulary

    There is a wide range of grammar and vocabulary building exercises in the program from simple questions and answers to word builder programs. Here are just a few examples:

    • Punctuation exercise – where to place full stops and commas
    • Punctuation exercises
    • Rhyming exercises
    • Adverb exercises
    • Sentence structure exercises
    • Spelling exercises
    • The help facility shows you how to find exercises on a specific topic
    • Users can also view and print a detailed report which helps monitor progress
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