The Maths Story Primary

Gr 3 -7
  • • In The Math’s Story each level represents a single school year.

  • • On each level there is a path which takes you automatically through all the appropriate work, adapting automatically to your ability presenting remedial or extension work as needed.

  • • Letting the program control your progress is recommended
    • You can also control your own progress by selecting the lessons and exercises you require.
    • You can at any time test your own knowledge
    • Check your exercise scores at any time or print out all your scores
    • The following 15 lessons apply for each sample year; each lesson has a number of exercises.

    • Number
    • Estimating
    • Basics
    • Add ( free format )
    • Add ( algorithm )
    • Subtract ( free format)
    • Subtract ( algorithm)
    • Multiplication
    • More Multiplication
    • Sharing
    • Dividing
    • More division
    • Fractions
    • Money and time
    • Measurement and shapes
  • • There are 5 exercise types:

  • 1. Teaching exercises explains content and contains simple questions to build concepts

  • 2. Speed tests or games

    3. Drill and practice questions form the basis for scoring system

    4. Story problems or more extension work

  • 5. Maze games is a fun way of presenting

    • The program contains masses of tutorial material.
    • Program uses familiar objects and animation to present concepts
    • In addition to the path exercises on each level there is also a general test section; this includes time tests, as well as some extension exercises which exceeds syllabus requirements.
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