Compu-IQ Perceptual Skills Software

PERCEPTUAL SKILLS form the foundation for a child’s learning.
  • SEA WORLD ADVENTURES / SEEWêRELD AVONTURE is specifically designed and developed to stimulate children in a playful and creative way.  This Perceptual program consists of sub-sections and each of them develops a specific learning skill.

    Each activity consists of various levels of difficulty, providing the child with the opportunity to progress at his/her own pace and according to their individual abilities.

    Visual and auditory guidance and rewards makes this program very child-friendly. It teaches them to master the skills that they may lack or battle with, and by playing around with different characters in a sea full of adventure and games. Children are kept interested and motivated.

    Skills Sea World teaches and improves are:

    • Visual conceptual skills
    • Visual discrimination
    • Visual sequencing & closure
    • Visual & Auditory memory
    • Visual analysis and synthesis
    • Visual observation & distinction
    • Colour & form recognition with consistency
    • Perceptual consistency
    • Foreground background recognition
    • Mathematical concepts & relations
    • Concentration & association
    • Spatial perceptions
    • Sizes, proportions, Succession
    • Problem solving
    • Reasoning skills and decision making
    • Language skills and alphabet
    • Hand eye co-ordination
    • Reasoning & classification, etc.
    • … to name a few
  • Bilingual: all exercises are in English and Afrikaans. This program is fully bilingual allowing you to access all the exercises in either English or Afrikaans – this also allows / helps children to start practising in the other language that would be their second language, giving them that extra advantage at school.

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