The Maths Story Senior

Gr 8 – 12
  • Each level contains the material for one school year.

  • Program contains exercises grouped in topics, as well as mathematical tools

  • Some topics contain teaching exercises which explain the work to you with simple examples or multimedia. Some topics contain exercises where you have to solve problems. Other require you to work out the best answer or draw graphs.

  • The tools to help solve problems are:

    1. Calculator

    2. Polynomial wizard

  • 3. Graph wizard

  • 4. Stats wizard

    5. Data analysis

    You can also click on the report card for a complete report on the work you have completed.

  • A key feature of the program is that it actually understands algebra. Unique to this program

    The Mathemagic Computer Tutor uses Free Format Mathematics.

    1. Free format mathematics is unique… it allows a student to solve a problem anyway he or she chooses. The program marks the student’s
      progress line by line providing coaching, remediation and extensions whenever necessary.
    2. The program does not choose questions from a limited set of possibilities; it generates questions according to your abilities. This means there is an unlimited number of questions in the program. The questions are not necesseraly in a database, but it is the machines algorithms that generate the questions.
    3. The program can check working not just answers; this is called free format programming!
  • Advantages of free format

    • The strong student will always be challenged
    • It will hinder the weak student to be able to learn parrot fashion.
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