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Literacy Programs in English & Afrikaans
  • Technology allows a student to complete 40, 50 or more exercises in a lesson of 40 minutes… in normal classroom conditions the student may only be able to complete 10 or so exercises, with the slower and faster students adapting to the average pace of the class.

    All students start at the beginning of a topic or concept being taught and can work their way on an individual basis through the teaching, coaching, marking and testing of the concept. Fast students will move through the work quickly, (Needing only one set of ten exercises) and may be allowed to progress onto extension work that is part of the future curriculum requirements, so that the information is familiar when being taught at a later stage.

    The average student may go through the concept three times, i.e. 3 sets of ten randomly generated exercises, before he or she has reached a thorough understanding of the work. For the slower student it may be necessary to go through the exercise seven or eight times, i.e.; 7 or 8 sets of ten randomly generated exercises before the lessons are assimilated. The slower student works well in a non-threatening situation and can cover the work as many times as necessary. At the end of the lesson EVERY student should have mastered the concept.

    The Language programs is arranged in 9 distinct levels covering speed reading, comprehension, grammar, and spelling. The program is suitable for first language students from Gr. 1 to Gr. 9 and second language students from Gr. ro Gr. 12. This program is definitely an invaluable asset to students who are studying English or Afrikaans as a second language.


    An English Story
    A first and second language English Software program that works on nine levels of difficulty (depending on the students ability).

    • Multimedia reading exercises.
    • Free format comprehension.
    • Creative writing.
    • Spelling and vocabulary building exercises and games.
    • Grammar exercises.
    • Grammar reference sections.


    Woel met Afrikaans
    ‘n Afrikaanse taalprogram vir eerste en tweede taal leerlinge op nege vlakke.

    • Multimedia leesoefeninge om leesspoed te bevorder
    • Begripstoetse in vrye formaat
    • Skryfwerk met behulp van ‘n 45 000-woord speltoetser
    • 45 000-woord woordeboek
    • Grammatika
    • Spelling en woordeskat (met speletjies)
    • Volledige grammatika verwysings


    EDUSS Language

    EDUSS will test and evaluate the child’s understanding of English for their specific year level. This system is flexible and allows for the selection of test parameters, subject topics and pass rates.

    EDUSS will compile a personal learning schedule for your child, addressing the problem areas highlighted by the automated evaluation test.

    This benefits your child by setting a step-by-step schedule for them to follow.

    This also benefits you by giving a step-by-step report on how each of your children is progressing individually. Using a combination of visual and audio aids and fully interactive exercises, EDUSS will take your child step-by-step through their learning schedule, until they attain the level of competency you desire.

    EDUSS will also introduce your child to new concepts as they are taken through the system which will be very beneficial to your child as it gives them confidence and a strong support to ensure academic success.

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