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Education principles as foundation of the programme
  • A slow rate of reading combined with poor comprehension is a recipe for poor results, low levels of concentration, slow work and low self-esteem.

  • Reading with good comprehension is not about the language itself but rather about the subject matter being read. It does not matter which language is being used to convey the message, it is the message itself and the understanding thereof that is of far more importance. Therefore reading and comprehension is important for all subjects because a student needs to be able to understand and interpret the content.

    As this skill is one of the key foundations for the successful gathering of other information and knowledge, it is critical to ensure that reading together with comprehension and vocabulary is developed to the best of each person’s potential.

  • The reading programme that we offer is a bilingual education programme that achieves academic progress for learners in all subjects of which reading skills is an essential part.

    The basic principle of this programme is that learners develop their reading, writing, spelling and comprehensive skills with interactive and interesting exercises that vary in difficulty levels to suit each students needs.

    Some of the areas covered by this programme:

    • Visual Discrimination
    • Sequences
    • Analysis and synthesis
    • Letter recognition (foundation phase)
    • Word construction
    • Concentration
    • Memory
    • Spelling
    • Certain grammar principles e.g. plurals, diminutives, synonyms and antonyms
    • Sentence construction
    • Reading skills
    • Comprehension
  • Education principles as foundation of the programme


    • This is not meant to be a beginner’s reading programme, or even a developmental reading programme, but rather a bilingual education programme which achieves academic progress for learners in all subjects of which reading skills are an essential part. The basic viewpoint is that each learner should be confronted with challenging methods to help develop these abilities more effectively. At the same time the lessons are graded so that the level of interest and age of each learner is satisfied. This ensures that the programme can be used as a correctional reading programme and/or a developmental reading programme. For example, a weaker reader in grade 5 can use the grade 4 lesson and a stronger reader in grade 4 can use the grade 5 lessons to further improve and develop his/her reading ability.
    • Reading and writing are directly correlated and must be taught in conjunction with each other. To teach or improve reading or to correct wrong techniques in reading successfully one needs to incorporate the writing abilities.
    • Reading speed and comprehension.
      The improvement of both these abilities is very important. To concentrate on one of these and not the other would be a superficial approach. Speed reading without comprehension has no value and maximum comprehension at a slow pace inhibits maximum scholastic achievement. It is also important to note not only how many questions, but also which questions have been correctly answered. To improve comprehensive reading we encourage the learner to search for the correct answers to those she/he had incorrect in the lesson. This helps her/him to practice reading critically and simultaneously take note of important facts.
    • Spelling
      This programme makes provision for learners to practice the correct spelling of difficult new words, as well as to understand them so as to fully expand their vocabulary. This is achieved with various exercises and games such as crossword puzzles, word searches, hangman games, word deciphering and word jumbles.
  • The programme has a “Teacher’s mode” which is an administrative function which allows parents change or make additions to lessons as well as having access to the learners various reports.

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